FLOWSERVE Coslada – Vertical Water Pump video timelapse

Corporate video production for the assembly of a vertical circulating water pump in Flowserve – Coslada, Madrid.
During 8 days our team recorded every step of this amazing assembly. It was a hard work but we’ve enjoyed it a lot.
Special thanks to:
Mr. Pablo Riquelme and Mr. Ignacio Arenas
Photography and video shooting: Javier Guijarro
Photo and video assistant: Alberto Mas
Art direction, video editing and post production: Mestizo-Artworks
Sound track: «Rapture» by Peter McIsaac Music
Detailed info (
In 2013, the Flowserve operation in Coslada, Spain, assembled one of the largest vertical circulating pumps in that location’s history. This time lapse video follows its assembly.
Destined for one of the largest supercritical power plants in Southeast Asia, this vertical mixed flow pump features a 2.7 m (106 in) diameter column and is 21.5 m (70.5 ft) long. It is rated for flows up to 66 000 m3/h (290 585 gpm). At run-out flow it can fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool in less than 3 minutes.
This video also shows the Coslada operation’s newly expanded test loop. Now able to test flows up to 90 000 m3/h (400 000 gpm), it is one of the largest and most versatile open test benches in the world.

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